Two best friends will find themselves having the craziest night of their lives in this horror-comedy from director Alan Lo.

Lone and Yeung are two best friends who dub themselves The Double Dragons with aspirations of being heroes someday. However, for Lone, issues start to arise when his estrange father, Wing Ngau, has been released from prison, causing more tension between the two. Wing, who accidentally caused an accident 15 years ago, attempts to make amends with Auntie Shan, who was crippled in the accident, runs the family martial arts school. And yet that’s just the beginning of everything as all hell is about to break loose.

A zombie outbreak has plagued Hong Kong. At first, Lone and Yeung are scared to do anything but run away. They soon realize this could be their chance to actually become heroes. While attempting to protect Wing and Shan, Lone and Yeung come across Shuen, whose upcoming marriage has been destroyed by the outbreak, but being a protege of Shan, has martial arts skills to boot. Together with Yit, Shan’s niece who is also skilled in fighting, the group will have to do whatever it takes to ensure survival or become the zombies’ next meal.

Shot and reshot under the direction of Alan Lo, who also edited the film, this is a very wacky film that meshes the zombie horror and comedy. With five screenwriters, the film is reminiscent of oddity films such as virtually anything from the Troma library to Sion Sono’s Tokyo Tribe to name a few. What starts out as a typical zombie outbreak film soon veers off into something even more insane with the one responsible for the outbreak having an even deadlier weapon.

Michael Ning and Louis Cheung are hilarious together as the “heroes” Lone and Yeung. Lone is the more focused of the duo due to the fact that the film’s central subplot involves his estranged relationship with his father, played by veteran Alex Man. It is also great to see Carrie Ng again. A staple of 90’s Hong Kong cinema, mainly in the action genre, her character is more relegated to being crippled and thus allows her to showcase a more dramatic side. However, the film truly belongs to the young Ning, Cheung, Cherry Ngan, and Venus Wong as the fighting survivors of the film.

The zombie effects are quite a delight as they resort to more practical effects rather than cheesy CGI. However, the highlight is actually that of the elephant in the box, or rather the chicken in the box as the one responsible is a giant squared-shaped chicken who not only unleashes some spirit that causes the outbreak but also unleashes some deadly eggs that cause its victim to turn its victim’s head into an instant skull that then falls off! While a movie of its own sound more beneficial with the deadly eggs, this twist just brings more notches in a WTF hilarity that this film is perfect for, along with some unexpected animated sequences that may may your draw drop.

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight is your Hong Kong version of a Troma film. A wild and wacky adventure that melds various genres, the performances by the core cast make this a fun film to engage in.


Epic Pictures presents an Entertaining Power Co. Ltd. Film. Director: Alan Lo. Producers: Clement Cheng and Angus Chan. Writers: He Liangyu, Nick Cheuk, Ng Siu-Lun, Pang Chi-Hoi, and Chan Wai-Sing. Cinematography: Chan Chi-Lap and Lau Tze-Kin. Editing: Alan Lo.

Cast: Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Alex Man, Carrie Ng, Cherry Ngan, Venus Wong, So Wai-Chuen, J. Arie.