“Kung Fury” Sequel to Be Feature Length; Fassbender to Co-Star

It is time for some epic sequel news!

David Sandberg‘s hit short Kung Fury, which was partly funded through Kickstarter and gained quite a following, is moving forward with a sequel. However, the sequel will now be a feature-length film that will keep its eponymous title.

However, the major news that has arisen is that Sandberg, who will reprise his role and produce under his Laser Unicorns banner, will be joined by none other than Michael Fassbender (right), whose role is kept under wraps at this time. David Hasselhoff will also be appearing in the film, which is set to shoot this summer. We also have learned the synopsis for the film:

The feature film will be set in 1985 in Miami, which is kept safe under the watchful eye of the police officer Kung Fury through his Thundercops police force. After the tragic death of a Thundercop causes the group to disband, a mysterious villain emerges from the shadows to aid in the Fuhrer’s quest to attain the ultimate weapon.

It producers David Katzenberg, Seth Grahame Smith and Aaron Schmidt will join Sandberg as producers alongside B-Reel Films’ Philip Westgren as well as Conor McCaughan.

This is exciting news. If you haven’t seen the original Kung Fury short film, here’s your chance:

H/T: Variety

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