Based on the inspirational true story of Andrea Bocelli, one of music’s greatest performers, Toby Sebastian truly breaks out in the lead role.

From birth, Amos Bardi was afflicted with congenital glaucoma, resulting in a slow period of being unable to see well. However, when he was playing soccer in school, an accident when he is hit in the head confirms his blindness. However, despite his condition, Amos has found one passion since he was a child and that is music. Slowly, Amos begins to learn to sing and finds himself gaining somewhat of an audience in his locality.

However, finding that singing may not be enough, Amos begins law school but moonlights as a singer in local bars with good friend Adriano. It is there where he finds love with Eleonora. Determined to continue singing, Amos’s uncle Giovanni finds a new teacher for Amos. Under the tutelage of the Maestro, Amos learns to harness his voice through silence. Amos eventually learns to use silence to find his voice and in 1993, a chance encounter with Zucchero, a popular Italian musician, invites Amos on stage and thus begins what will be the most successful career for this popular performer.

If you know music and you know singing, then chances are you know Andrea Bocelli, one of Italy’s most famous operatic singers today. This is a wonderfully filmed look at the story of Bocelli, who for one reason or another, has his character’s name changed to Amos Bardi. It must be noted that Amos is the name of Bocelli’s first child while some other names in Bocelli’s life would be kept, notably his parents Edi and Alessandro, or Sandro for short.

Former Game of Thrones star Tony Sebastian may have found out his breakout role as Amos, who overcomes the odds to live his dream of becoming a singer. As first seen, Sebastian truly seems to have done his homework and studied Bocelli. He emulates Bocelli’s emotions perfectly, even bringing the expression of the singer really well. Jordi Molla is great as Sandro, Amos’ father who despite his wife’s concerns, has always been supportive of his son’s aspirations and even admits his own faults to him with the intention of wanting the best for his son, even if it is not always what Amos wants.

Nadir Caselli brings some good support as Eleonora, the woman who Amos falls for. She knows his dreams of being a singer and the sacrifices he must endure, even their relationship at time. However, it is clear true love may just prevail in this case. As for Antonio Banderas, his character of Maestro may not come in until well over an hour, but it makes the most impact of the film as it fits with the title of the film. This method used by Maestro would be something that would impact Bocelli’s life forever, even going as far as Bocelli creating the Theatre of Silence, in which every July, he does one show and closes the theater for the remainder of the year.

The only issues involving the film are that Bocelli’s name is not used as the main character (but using his son’s name makes it somewhat forgivable) and to appeal to an international audience, the entire film is shot in English. While it would make more sense to have the film shot in Italian as a real homage to Bocelli’s life and upbringing, it is also forgivable in this instance.

The Music of Silence is a great look at the early life and breakthrough of a music legend. Toby Sebastian may have found his breakthrough role as the character inspired by Bocelli and Antonio Banderas makes the most of his time as the man who helped change Bocelli’s life forever.


AMBI Distribution presents a PicoMedia production in association with RAI Media. Director: Michael Radford. Producers: Motaz N. Nabulsi, Andrea Iervolino, and Monika Bacardi. Writers: Michael Radford and Anna Pavignano. Cinematography: Stefano Falivene. Editing: Roberto Missiroli.

Cast: Toby Sebastian, Jordi Molla, Antonio Banderas, Luisa Ranieri, Alessandro Sperduti, Nadir Caselli, Ennio Fantastichini, Francesco Salvi, Daniel Vivian, Anthony Souter, Francesca Prandi, Antonella Attili.