The Ghost of “Wild”: An Interview with Jon Voight


Today, WFG feels very blessed, thanks in part to EMR Media. If you truly have a love for movies, then you know who Jon Voight is. The Hollywood legend is known for his versatility in films, bringing memorable performances in films like Midnight Cowboy and Varsity Blues just to name a few. His latest film, Surviving the Wild, features Voight as the ghost of a 13-year old’s grandfather, who helps the youngster on an adventure to bring his ashes to the top of a mountain.

World Film Geek had the opportunity to interview Voight via e-mail about his experience on the film.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about Surviving the Wild. It was a great family adventure and a major driving force was your chemistry with Aidan Cullen. 

What attracted you to the role of Gus?
Well, I am a grandfather myself. My father was a teacher of golf – but he was also a great teacher of life and he had a wonderful sense of humor. He used to tell his grandchildren stories, so when I read the script, and this role, it reminded me a little of my own father.


Aidan Cullen and Jon Voight in Surviving the Wild (SP Releasing)

You have always been a natural talent in front of the screen and in film, you came up with a few one-liners that brought a sense of comic relief to an otherwise family adventure. Were you able to improvise some of your lines in the film or did you stick to the script?

I played with the script a little bit, just a few adjustments, but it was a nicely written script.

Newcomer Aidan Cullen did a great job as Shaun, your grandson. Gus was more than a grandfather, but a best friend and mentor for Shaun. Were you like that with Aidan on the set as well because the chemistry between the two of you was so natural instead of forced?
I agree. We became friends. I have a great admiration for his talent and him as a person. We had lots of fun together making the movie.

In the film, you have limited screen time with Jamie Kennedy and Vail Bloom, and yet you still make the most out of it. What was it like working with those two, especially Jamie, who truly has come a long way from his comic fodder days?

 Jamie Kennedy and I worked together on Enemy of the State. We became friends there and I always thought he had a strong acting talent, in addition to his comic brilliance – and I am right. “Smile”. Vail gives a very strong performance in the film too. I have just worked on another film with her, where she plays my daughter.

Lare Roberts and Jon Voight on the set of Surviving the Wild.

You have a really good range when it comes to your roles and this is by far one of my favorite roles for you. Would you do another film like this if given the chance?
I am very pleased that you like me in this film. It is closer to my own personality than most characters I have played. I enjoyed being Gus.

Surviving the Wild comes to theaters today (1/12/18) and this is definitely a terrific family film that brings the negatives of life and make them a positive. A special Thank You goes to EMR Media and Jon Voight for making this interview possible.




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