It’s that time! The first Friday of the month and we are starting the new year with a very strong Clip of the Month for the first Indie Action Spotlight of 2018!

This month’s Clip of the Month goes to the amazing Andy Long and his 2017 Hong Kong Edition Fight Reel, featuring clips from his recent film Luc Van Tiet. Long is a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team who recently appeared in Boyka: Undisputed alongside that film’s fight choreographer Tim Man as one of Ozerov Brothers who fight Scott Adkins‘ Boyka in a two-on-one handicap fight.

Here are this month’s selected Stunt Reels:

Paul Burke

Gui DaSilva

Irmingard Mayer

Heidi Moneymaker

Rustam Popkov

Alice Rietveld

To wrap up this month’s IAS, here are this month’s selected Short Films:

Born to Fight

The Chaos


Karate Couple

One Strike

If you want to submit your short film and/or stunt reel for the Indie Action Spotlight, send an e-mail to with the subject “Indie Action Spotlight” or you can send a direct message on WFG’s official Twitter page.

All submissions for February 2018 are due on February 1, 2018.