When it was announced that a live-action adaptation of the Koei-Tecmo video game Dynasty Warriors was being made, the only thing that was confirmed was that Roy Chow (Rise of the Legend) was directing and his wife, Christine To, was writing and producing with the support of the video game company after pitching the idea for three years.

The story and casting was kept under wraps in terms of both actors and characters. Despite an on-set photo between Chow and actor Eddie Cheung, it was still unclear which character Cheung would be playing.

However, it has been announced recently that not only have casting been updated, certain characters have been confirmed as well. Here is a current update of who we will see in Dynasty Warriors:

Louis Koo, who is one of the biggest names in Hong Kong cinema today, will play Lu Bu. Koo suffered an eye injury that will take him out of action for about two to four weeks. He made the announcement at a recent event.

Hong Kong film veteran Ray Lui will play Yuan Shao.

Railroad Tigers co-star Wang Kai will play Cao Cao.

Justin Cheung gained fifteen pounds to play the role of Zhang Fei.

Han Geng, former K-Pop boy bander and co-star of the martial arts film My Kingdom, will play Guan Yu.

Tony Yang, recently seen in the action heist film The Adventurers, will play Liu Bei.

Model and actress Gulnazar will play Diao Chan.

Carina Lau is playing the Master of the Sword Forge Castle and Eddie Cheung, seen in the first on-set photo with director Chow, is playing an unspecified role.

The film, based on the video game based on the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is currently in production in China for a 2018 release date.

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