Walker to Write and Lin to Direct “Lone Wolf and Cub” for Paramount


The long-awaited latest incarnation of Lone Wolf and Cub has scored a writer and a director.

Andrew Kevin Walker, who wrote the David Fincher hit film Se7en, is writing the screenplay based on Kazuo Koike‘s 1970 manga that would spawn a series of hit films in Japan starring Tomasiburo Wakayama (left) as lead character Itto Ogami as well as become an iconic name in Japanese pop culture.

The other major news is that while he was originally set to produce the film, it now looks like Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious III-VI, Star Trek Beyond) will be helming the film as well.

The story revolves around Itto Ogami, a former Shogun’s executioner who on a quest to avenge his wife’s death, takes his young son Daigoro with him on his journey of revenge.

Paramount Pictures will be releasing the film and for an American take on the story, check out Road to Perdition, starring Tom Hanks, with the setting of 1930’s America as an assassin, while protecting his son, seeks revenge against a mob boss.

More as this develops.

H/T: Screen Rant


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