It has been over a decade since we saw the adventures Hong Kong Detective Inspector Lee and L.A.P.D. Detective James Carter on the big screen, but they may be possibly returning!

Jackie Chan last week has officially confirmed that he has agreed to finally returning for Rush Hour 4. Going on The Cruz Show on L.A.’s Power 106 radio station while promoting The Foreigner, he confirmed that he has agreed to the story, and wants to return to do another one. However, there is one little catch. He will only do the fourth film if Chris Tucker returns to the fold as Carter.

A small-screen adaptation, starring Jon Foo as Lee and Justin Marks as Carter, lasted only one season in 2016 on CBS. While the pilot was a TV-made reboot of the original film, the series would last thirteen episodes and feature the duo in a series of adventures that look to have gone full circle by the finale.

As we wait for Tucker’s word on whether he will return for Rush Hour 4, The Foreigner comes out in theaters tomorrow.