A police officer learns the hard way never to overstep his authority in this short film from Keith Collins II.

What was a simple routine stop turned into a deadly incident for Officer Miller, who oversteps his authority and kills a couple. The incident has forced Miller to be suspended pending a full investigation and on top of that, Miller’s partner Silva seems to have lost respect for him due to his actions. Miller, convinced he was doing his job, returns home to await the decision and soon finds himself haunted by the ghosts of those he killed as well as other apparitions. Miller learns a harsh lesson about what can happen if you overstep your authority.

The film was made by Keith Collins II with the script co-written by Collins, Jerry Sur, Matt Rossman, and John Maslowski. Rossman’s Officer Miller is the focus of the film, as he oversteps his authority when his would-be victim admits that he has a permit to conceal but doesn’t have it on him. It is this action that triggers the events that will plague this embittered officer, who thinks he is doing his job while his partner has no respect for him due to his overstepping of being a police officer.

The special effects of the film are quite intriguing as we see Miller not only being haunted by the couple he murdered, but two very nasty looking demons, played by Ember Burns and Porche Robinson. The aftermath is quite intense in some ways and features an appearance from Collins.

As this month is one full of Halloween madness, Acquitted makes for a pretty good short film about what happens when a cop oversteps his authority and learns the hardest lesson of his life.


A III Digital Rock Studios Presentation. Director: Keith Collins II. Producers: Keith Collins II, Jerry Sur, India Perkins, and Ron George. Writers: Keith Collins II, Jerry Sur, John Maslowski, and Matt Rossman. Cinematography: Keith Collins II. Editing: Keith Collins II.

Cast: Matt Rossman, Jerry Sur, John Maslowski, Ember Burns, Porche Robinson, Sabrina McPherson, Finn Fiasko, John Maslowski.

Thanks to Jerry Sur for the heads up on the film. Check out the full short film below: