Tracey Birdsall as the character of Dijanne in “The Time War”, currently in production.

She’s back! Tracey Birdsall, fresh off the recent release of her sci-fi action film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, is hard at work on her next sci-fi action film, The Time War, which reunites her with director Neil Johnson.

During a break from filming, Birdsall was able to answer questions that we sent to her about how work has been progressing on The Time War, which sees her in the role of Dijanne, the daughter of the Third Reich Fuhrer himself, Adolf Hitler, who during World War II, has successfully manipulated time travel to his advantage.

After your star-making turn in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, you’re doing what sounds like another sci-fi epic. How has it been so far making the film?
Disturbing, exhausting, confusing, all of the things that make for a great film! It’s a treacherous journey living these lives, but with time travel – It’s all multiplied. I have so many versions of the character that I live in this film that it is really quite complicated – yet extraordinary!

You must be happy to start kicking major butt on screen again.
I get really sad when I’m not working as it’s my favorite thing – so yes, it’s awesome 🙂

Can you describe in your own words, your character of Dijanne?
Which one?! It’s like playing 20 characters, as with time travel, various versions simultaneously are not only possible – but expected – and interacting. Various versions of Dijanne play the whole gamut from young and innocent to disturbed and damaged. No rock is left unturned…

Tracey Birdsall and Daniel Logan in The Time War

What has it been like working with the young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Daniel Logan, on the set?
Daniel was awesome! That said, all of the actors I’ve worked with in this project are truly incredible. It’s a journey of amazingness…

The film revolves around time travel. So, if you had the ability to travel through time, where would you go and why?
I might want to explore old Hollywood, or the Ice Age, or even World War II ages to be able to do research on this project (The Time War). What I love about time travel is that you can travel back in time with your current knowledge, so it would really open up a lot of doors professionally!!!

Tracey is currently at work on The Time War, which will be released next year. A Special Thank You goes to October Coast PR and Tracey Birdsall for making this interview possible.