Williams Joining Hardy in “Venom”

Venom may have found a possible love interest.

With production set to begin on the film next month, it has been announced that Michelle Williams (left) is in talks to play a district attorney and possible love interest to Tom Hardy‘s Eddie Brock, who transforms into the Spider-Man based anti-hero as the result of an alien symbiote.

Sony, who is making the film, has said on numerous occasions that the film will not be related to their take on Spider-Man, who is quite comfortable at this time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film will be a standalone film that is aiming for an R-rating and it has been confirmed that the villain will be another alien symbiote-born monster, Carnage.

Riz Ahmed has signed on to co-star with Ruben Fleischer set to direct for an October 5, 2018 release from Sony.

H/T: Variety


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