Beyond Fest to Enjoy a Night with Jackie Chan!


The upcoming Beyond Fest is going to get a load of Jackie Chan, including an appearance from the Chan-Man himself!

On October 6, to commemorate the release of Chan’s next film The Foreigner (coming to theaters on October 13), the Beyond Fest, STX Films, and SR Media will have a triple feature of Chan’s earlier films as well as a Q&A with Chan himself! The three films chosen for this festive night have been selected by Chan himself!

So what are the three films Chan has chosen for Triple Threat: A Night with Jackie Chan?

Mr. Canton and Lady Rose, aka Miracles, Chan’s 1989 film that pays tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood, with the story based on Frank Capra‘s 1933 film Lady for a Day.

Police Story III: Super Cop, the 1992 installment that marked the on-screen return of Michelle Yeoh as Chan’s partner and was directed by Stanley Tong.

And the original Police Story, the 1985 film that redefined the police action film with Chan’s epic finale inside a shopping mall as well as the insane chase scene involving a shantytown getting destroyed. The film would influence scenes from various Hollywood films including Tango and Cash and Bad Boys II.

Tickets are now on sale with doors set to open on October 6 at 6PM PST with Miracles starting out the triple feature at 7PM PST at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.




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