The “Realive” Doctor in the House: An Interview with Barry Ward


Barry Ward gained a following as a reputable actor in films, television, and on the stage. In 2014, he got massive rave for his titular role in the film Jimmy’s Hall. The Irish actor will next appear as Dr. West, a scientist in the future who revives a cryogenically frozen man in the sci-fi drama Realive, coming to select theaters from SyFy Films on September 29.

World Film Geek took the opportunity to do a written interview with Ward about his experiences on the film.

What attracted you to appear in the film?
I read the script and found it a very interesting premise. I like the questions/problems it poses and found the exploration of these within the story very satisfying. I agree with a lot of the solutions/outcomes as they transpire in the film. After my initial read I had a Skype interview with writer/director Mateo Gil. I’m a big fan. And it turned out we share a lot of similar interests and world-views.

How would you describe your character of Dr. West, who is responsible for bringing the central character of Marc to life?
The character I play, Dr. Victor West, derives his name from a combination of HP Lovecraft’s short story, West: Re-Animator, and Dr. Victor Frankenstein. As a genius scientist and catalyst for events in the latter part of the movie, and as the head of a multinational corporation… I thought it would be a great challenge for me to try and play this role. Dr. West occupies an interesting space between the traditional goodie/baddie dynamic.

Dr. West (Barry Ward) and his team help the recent revived Marc (Tom Hughes, in grey) in Realive (SyFy Films)

What was it like working with director Mateo Gil and the cast?
I loved every minute of working with Mateo Gil. As I said, I’m a big fan, and everyone can learn a lot from him. West plays no role in Narc’s 1st life, or natural life. Call it what you will… So in ways that felt like a different shoot to mine. I worked solely with people at Prodigy. We all got along extremely well. They were all very hard working and great fun, likewise the entire crew.

Did you experience any difficulties during production of the film?
I can only speak for myself here, but there were no difficulties on set… Unless you count my inability to beat Julio Peron (who plays Dr. Sera) at chess… In saying that, I’ve never had so much dialogue to learn as i did on that shoot. Given that it was by nature scientific, that was certainly challenging.

Finally, what can we see you next in?
Next up for me is the release of Maze, a prison breakout movie, a true story set in Northern Ireland, 1983, in which I play prison warden Gordon Close. January 2018 sees the release of 3 new tv series: The End Of The F**king World for E4/Netflix; Britannia for Sky Atlantic/Amazon; Save Me, also for Sky Atlantic.

Realive comes to select theaters on September 29 and on VOD and Digital HD on October 3. This is truly an interesting sci-fi film with a very good premise. A special Thank You goes to Katrina Wan PR and Barry Ward for making this interview possible.

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