Zhang Joins Stallone and Bautista for Third “Escape Plan”

Max Zhang is going to prison…with Sly Stallone and Dave Bautista!

While fans await Stallone and Bautista to appear in the sequel Escape Plan 2: Hades, it has been announced that a third film, entitled Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station, has already begun production. The film is being directed by John Herzfeld based on a script by himself and Miles Chapman.

It has been announced that Zhang (right), one of the major players in today’s martial arts action films in China and Hong Kong, will be joining the cast. In the new film, Stallone’s Ray Breslin and Bautista’s character from Hades will attempt to break out one of their team members from an inescapable prison. Zhang’s role is unknown at this time.

Jaime King, Lydia Hull, Devon Sawa, Harry Shum Jr., and Malese Jow also star in the film.

Zhang has quite a full plate of upcoming releases, including Heavyweight Assassin, The Invincible Dragon, Ip Man Side Story: Cheung Tin-Chi (which Bautista also appears in), and will make his Hollywood debut in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Escape Plan 2: Hades is due for release in early 2018 while it is unclear when Lionsgate will release Escape Plan 3: Devil’s Station.

H/T: Variety


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