The original Sarah Connor is back!

James Cameron, who will regain the rights to one of his greatest creations, The Terminator, made a blockbuster announcement involving an official follow-up that he will produce and write: Linda Hamilton, who played the iconic Sarah Connor in the original 1984 film and its superior 1991 sequel Terminator 2: Judgment Day, is returning to the role.

Cameron had this to say about Hamilton’s return to the franchise:
“As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return. There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys, but there isn’t an example of that for women.”

It had already been confirmed that Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to the franchise as well. Cameron has come up with the idea for a new trilogy of films, in which a writer’s room has been hired to map them out based on Cameron’s ideas. Tim Miller will be directing the first of this trilogy, which has been confirmed as a direct sequel to the 1991 Judgment Day and pretty much take the rest of the series out like the recent Halloween announcement.

Cameron did announce that while there will be new characters in the film, especially an 18-year old woman, The T-800 (Schwarzenegger) and Sarah Connor (Hamilton) will be the anchors of the story.

Cameron regains the rights to the Terminator name in 2019.

More as this develops.

H/T: Dark Horizons