Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter‘s Tracey Birdsall and Daniel Logan, who played the young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones are about to enter a new kind of “war”.

The duo star in The Time War, written and directed by Rogue Warrior filmmaker Neil Johnson, with the late Christopher Lee, in one of his final performances, doing the narration for the film.

The film is set in an alternate universe that has occurred as a result of the Nazis successfully experimenting with time-travel history during World War II. As Adolf Hitler starts to re-write his genetics, he learns that cause and effect are not as simple as it may seem on paper.  After dealing with multiple versions of himself, his greatest nemesis is his own daughter Dijanne (Birdsall) who takes on his legacy of empire building and creates an army of one, from various versions of herself from across a billion different time lines. 

Logan takes on the role of Mordred, the leader of a band of military soldiers created by Hitler who decides to switch sides and start a military coup with the help of Ector, played by Rogue Warrior‘s Aaron Jacques.

Get ready for The Time War, currently in production for a 2018 release date.