Columbus, Ohio: Get Ready for a “Wild” Marathon This Weekend!


Columbus, Ohio. Are you ready to get your “Wild Eye” on?

This Friday at noon, The Gateway Film Center (1550 N. High St.) in Columbus will host the 24-hour Wild Eye Marathon. The marathon, presented by Wild Eye Releasing, will present a load of indie horror film gems.

Here’s the line-up for the marathon, which will run from noon Friday to noon Saturday and will include both dinner and breakfast:

Tales of Poe
Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas
Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead
Dinner Break: Tailgate Dinner Buffet
Queen Crab
Bigfoot: The Movie
Shark Exorcist
Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated simultaneous double feature
Asylum of Darkness
The Disco Exorcist
Badass Monster Killer

Wild Eye President Rob Hauschild admits his films are heavily influenced by the “King of the B-movies” himself, Roger Corman. If you’re in the Columbus area and want to have a fun time watching some modern indie horror, then go to the Wild Eye Film Festival!

For more information and where to get tickets, go to the following links:


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