Columbus, Ohio. Are you ready to get your “Wild Eye” on?

This Friday at noon, The Gateway Film Center (1550 N. High St.) in Columbus will host the 24-hour Wild Eye Marathon. The marathon, presented by Wild Eye Releasing, will present a load of indie horror film gems.

Here’s the line-up for the marathon, which will run from noon Friday to noon Saturday and will include both dinner and breakfast:

Tales of Poe
Caesar & Otto’s Deadly Xmas
Frankenstein’s Hungry Dead
Dinner Break: Tailgate Dinner Buffet
Queen Crab
Bigfoot: The Movie
Shark Exorcist
Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated simultaneous double feature
Asylum of Darkness
The Disco Exorcist
Badass Monster Killer

Wild Eye President Rob Hauschild admits his films are heavily influenced by the “King of the B-movies” himself, Roger Corman. If you’re in the Columbus area and want to have a fun time watching some modern indie horror, then go to the Wild Eye Film Festival!

For more information and where to get tickets, go to the following links: