If you are a fan of films like The Others and The Orphange, and you are attending the Toronto International Film Festival, then this film may be for you.

Making its world premiere this Friday at TIFF is the gothic horror film The Lodgers, directed by Let Us Prey‘s Brian O’Malley. The film stars Charlotte Vega and Bill Milner as twins who live in a house run by apparitions who give them three rules to follow. However, when a returning war veteran, played by Eugene Simon, falls for the young woman, chaos is going to ensue when she begins to break the rules.

David Bradley, Moe Dunning, and Roisin Murphy co-star in the film, which was scripted by David Turpin.

If you are or will be attending TIFF, the film makes its world premiere this Friday, September 8 at 7:15pm. Go to the official TIFF homepage for more information.