Satoh Lives and Dies in “Ajin” Trailer

Takeru Satoh returns to live-action manga adaptations after the successful Rurouni Kenshin trilogy as the trailer to the upcoming Ajin has been unveiled.

in Ajin, Satoh plays Kei Nagai, who after being hit by a truck, learns he has the ability to regeneration and live again. He soon finds himself a target for the government, who deem fellow “ajin” a threat to society and thus, performing dangerous experiments on them.

Co-starring in the film are Kenichi Suzumura and Mamoru Niyano, two well-known voice actors with Niyano actually voicing the character of Kei in the anime adaptation of the Gamon Sakurai manga. Bayside Shakedown and Psycho Pass helmer Katsuyuki Motohiro directed the film.

Ajin is set for release on September 30 in Japan by Toho.

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