Two actors known for iconic horror roles will appear in the upcoming indie horror film #FromJennifer, from director Frank Merle.

Jennifer Peterson is having a very rough week. She’s been fired from a movie shoot, her manager just dropped her, and her boyfriend dumped her, right after releasing a sex tape of them together. But Jennifer has decided to turn things around: she hatches a plot she calls “Revenge Porn Revenge,” in which she plans to settle the score by filming a devastatingly elaborate video and posting it online, making herself famous in the process. But like everything else in her life lately, her revenge plot doesn’t go according to plan, and a shocking trail of carnage is left in her wake.

Lead star Danielle Taddei is joined by the Candyman himself, Tony Todd (left), and Derek Mears, who played the iconic Jason Voorhees in the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th.

Sector 5 Films will be releasing #FromJennifer to VOD and Cable Outlets on September 28.