Recently making its debut at Los Angeles Film Festival, this documentary takes a look at the fashion known as “streetwear”.
Built To Fail follows Bobby Kim co-founder of The Hundreds as he takes an intrepid journey to define and document one of the most elusive fashion phenomena of our times, Streetwear.

Only forty years old, what started in the subcultures of the skate and the punk movement is today a $70 billion dollar industry. Bobby takes a very personal look at the people who were there at the beginning and started it all. From Rick Klotz of Freshjive to Eli Bonerz of X-Large and Stash and Futura of GFS – they share the stories of their early struggles and what drove them in many cases, unwittingly, to create an industry.

Speaking with Tommy Hilfiger, Bobby learns how a brand can develop from a small idea, to a cultural icon recognized around the world. Russell Simmons discusses the problems early streetwear brands faced when they evolved into globally renowned labels. Bobby explores how the business changed significantly once real money got involved and discovers what happened to Don Busweiler of Pervert who famously dropped out at the height of his fame. Bobby then talks to the latest generation of streetwear designers and influencers from A$AP Rocky and Spanto of Born X Raised. He begins to understand how significant these brands have become to act as a voice of change, a statement for something you believe in or way to represent your culture and community. 

What starts as a question about the definition of streetwear becomes an intimate mediation as the lines between interviewer and subject blur and Bobby must take a hard look at the company he built, his future and what streetwear has become.”

Look out for the likes of Russell Simmons and Edison Chen in the documentary as well. Look out for a future nationwide release.