Producer Ali Afshar (above) will be teaming up again with executive producer Forrest Lucas (Running Wild) on a follow-up to their 2016 indie drama American Wrestler: The Wizard with an underground fighting film.

In American Fighter, in order to save his ailing mother, a teenager is forced to enter the world of underground fighting, only to learn that he will face some heavy competition.

A director has already been found in Shaun Piccinino and cast members will include Tommy Flanagan, Bryan Craig, Sean Patrick Flanery, Parvis Sayyad, and George Kosturos.

The film is being produced by ESX Entertainment, founded by Afshar and Lucas. In addition, producing the film alongside Afshar are actress/producer Christina Moore and Anna Zielinski. Afshar had this to say about the film:

“Continuing down the line of a ‘Rocky’ meets ‘Karate Kid’ story, this new ‘American Wrestler’ movie remains a very heartfelt project for me. The response to my true story was extremely motivating so I wanted to keep the story going in a consistent manner and tone and have the right script and cast to rekindle the magic of the first film. The sequel is an original story and not based on my life – I don’t think I would have excelled as an underground fighter.”

Production begins this month in California. More as this develops.

H/T: Variety