Andy Le
Daniel Mah
Andy Le
Kevin Le
Andy Le
Kevin Le
Julio Amavizca

Andy Le (Stephen)
Daniel Mah (Dragon Head)
Ryan Tran (Server #1)
Sterling Halloway (Server #2)
Mike Kim (Dealer)
Brian Le (Triad #1)
A.J. DeLeon (Triad #2)
Julio Amavizca (Triad #3)
Mark Poletti (Triad #4)
Chun Wang (Triad #5)

The crew from Martial Club unveils its latest short film, a meshing of the Hong Kong gambling comedy series and their trademark style of martial arts action.

A local restaurant is the setting for a gambling match between the Triad’s Dragon Head and the bumbling Stephen, the owner of the restaurant who owes them protection money. If the Dragon Head wins, he will take over the restaurant, but if Stephen wins, the Triads will not demand protection money. However, when Stephen uses unorthodox means to try to win, chaos will truly ensue.

You have to hand it to the guys at Martial Club, who present their Hong Kong action-comedy short films with such delight. For their latest film, writer-director Andy Le takes on the Hong Kong gambling genre. The genre would help solidify the careers of Chow Yun-Fat in the God of Gamblers films and Stephen Chow with his All for the Winner amongst others. As a matter of fact, to bring the more comic portion of the film, Le calls himself Stephen in the film with cohort Daniel Mah playing his nemesis.

The ensuing fight that happens shows why Martial Club are one of the best to see on YouTube today. This film showcases some of their best work yet with Le showcasing his kicking and tricking skills to effect. Even more, all the performers do their own stunts and for Le, he does one of the craziest stunts, a frontflip through a table. Just take a look at the outtakes during the end credits to see the damage.

Supreme Art of War is just another example of why Martial Club is just amazing to watch! These guys continue to bring their style of Hong Kong action and comedy and make it their own.


Check out the full video above and enjoy!!! For more Martial Club videos, check out their official YouTube channel.