This week, updates were revealed on possible sequels to two hit 80’s films, coming from the stars of said films.

First, we start with 1986’s Top Gun, which starred Tom Cruise (left with Kelly McGillis) as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, an Navy pilot who struggles to be the best at the Top Gun Naval Academy but comes across obstacles on and off the air. Doing promo rounds for his upcoming take on The Mummy, Cruise confirmed to a talk show in Australia that the long developed sequel is going ahead.

Cruise is hoping to begin production on Top Gun 2 in early 2018, which would involve the new generation of fighters and drone technology. Cruise would reprise his role of Maverick. Justin Marks is currently writing the script and while shooting Mission: Impossible 6, Cruise had met with some potential directors yet one named rumor is the director of his 2013 film Oblivion, Joseph Kosinski.

Next, we have the sports comedy Major League, which revolved around the Cleveland Indians, now made up of a group of ragtag players hired to lose so the new owner can move the team. Upon learning the plan, they decide to become winners. The film, which starred Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, and Corbin Bernsen was such a hit that a sequel was commissioned in 1994 followed by a pretty atrocious sequel in 1998 that didn’t have either Berenger or Sheen.

Back in October, Sheen had announced that original writer and director David S. Ward had written a real third installment to the series, in which Sheen’s “Wild Thing” Rick Vaughn would now serve as a pitching coach to a fireballer rookie who turns out to be his illegitimate son. This week, Sheen took to TMZ to tell them that the original cast do want to come back and the script is done. Now, it’s hoping they will have the money to actually get the movie made. So, will there be an official Major League 3? Only time will tell.

More as these two stories develop…

H/T: Dark Horizons, Screen Rant