Well Go USA Gets Double Dose of Zhang

Max Zhang in Ip Man 3 (Well Go USA/Pegasus Motion Pictures)

Well Go USA, one of the leaders today is bringing Asian cinema to the United States, has acquired two titles starring wushu champion turned action film actor Max Zhang.

Zhang, who has wowed audiences as of late with his impressive martial arts skills in films such as The Grandmaster and most recently Ip Man 3, has quite a plate full this year in terms of films. However, Well Go USA has gotten the rights to two of those films.

First up, there’s Fruit Chan‘s action thriller The Invincible Dragon, in which we will Zhang take on former MMA legend Anderson Silva, who makes his Hong Kong film debut. The second film is Cheung Tin-Chi, a spin-off of the Ip Man films in which Zhang will play the Wing Chun master who first befriends then challenges Donnie Yen‘s iconic take of the Wing Chun grandmaster most famous for teaching Bruce Lee the style in his teens.

Zhang’s plate for this year includes the recently released Dealer Healer, the upcoming film The Brink, and the currently in production Heavyweight Assassin, which co-stars his wife Ada Choi and action actor Andy On. Zhang will also make his Hollywood debut next year with a role in Pacific Rim: Uprising.

No word on when we will see these films but the fact Well Go USA has acquired them certainly is helping make 2017 the “Year of the Zhang”.

H/T: Film Combat Syndicate

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