2017, Sony Pictures/Screen Gems/Lakeshore Entertainment/Sketch Films/Lstar Capital

Anna Foerster
Tom Rosenberg
Gary Lucchesi
Len Wiseman
Richard Wright
David Kern
Len Wiseman (original characters)
Kevin Grevioux (original characters)
Danny McBride (original characters)
Kyle Ward (story)
Cory Goodman (story and screenplay)
Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Peter Amundson

Kate Beckinsale (Selene)
Theo James (David)
Lucy Pulver (Serina)
Charles Dance (Thomas)
Tobias Menzies (Marius)
James Faulkner (Cassius)
Peter Andersson (Vidar)
Clementine Nicholson (Lena)
Bradley James (Varga)
Daisy Head (Alexia)
Oliver Stark (Gregor)

The vampiric Death Dealer Selene is back and this time she has both factions of vampires and Lycans going after her when a new threat has arisen and she is the key to end the war.

Since the disappearance of her hybrid daughter Eve, the former Death Dealer Selene no longer has an alliance with anyone. She wishes to disappear and try to find her daughter despite the warnings not to find her. However, the Eastern Coven, led by Thomas, needs Selene to help train their soldiers against the Lycans, who are also after Selene. The Lycans are now led by Marius, who intends to also get to Selene to find Eve.

Thomas and his half-human son David, soon learn that despite Selene not wanting to be involved in the war anymore, one of their own, Serina, is plotting a takeover. When Serina’s intentions are known, a battle results in the death of Thomas. Selene and David head to the only place they can find sanctuary, Var Dohr, the home of the peaceful Nordic Coven. When Alexia, one of Serina’s coven is actually a spy for the Lycans reveals their location, a series of revelations that will change the course of the long war between the Vampires and Lycans will occur, thus sealing the possible fate of this elongated war.

Since its inception in 2003, the Underworld film series was a different take on a war between two classic horror creatures: the vampires and the werewolves, known as the Lycans. While the series, with the exception of the prequel installment, Rise of the Lycans, focused on the character of Selene, the role immortalized by Kate Beckinsale, the war is a pivotal piece of the series, along with Selene’s relationship with a vampiric-lycan hybrid (first and second) and daughter (the fourth), this film is set after the events of Underworld: Awakening, where we know learn Selene has no affiliation anymore.

The script, by Cody Goodman, focuses more on the vampire side of things rather than Lycans, who are only there simply because they have to be in their war against the Vampires. The focus of the story is not only on Selene but the co-lead character of David, played by The Divergent Series’ Theo James. James makes the most of his role as the vampire David, who soon learns of something even more in store for him while Lucy Pulver is viciously evil in the role of Serina, who has a thirst for something more than blood, and that is clearly power. She intends to overthrow the coven she lives in to become their supreme leader.

What makes this film series quite interesting is that the battles between vampires and Lycans is not just tearing each other’s heads off, the factions will resort to using guns and swords while having impeccable fighting skills. It is these action scenes that make up the reason why fans tend to like this series. While the original film offered something fresh and there are some pretty decent fight scenes here, courtesy of the likes of Brad Martin, Todd Schneider, and Pavel Cajzl as stunt coordinators and Matt Mullins as fight coordinator, it seems like this entry should try to somewhat put a stamp in the series.

Underworld: Blood Wars should mark the end of the film series, but “never say never”. If you like the series, then chances are you will enjoy this fifth installment. Yet don’t expect as much Lycan action this time around, but some good twists in the Vampire side.


The Blu-Ray of the film will be released on April 25 and includes the making of the film, a downloadable Digital copy, and a graphic novel based on the film. To order your copy of the Blu-Ray, click the image before: