Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming to America (Paramount)

A few months ago, Eddie Murphy tweeted and deleted a tease for a possible sequel to his 1988 comic hit Coming to America. Since the deletion of the tweet, nothing has been heard…until now.

Paramount is looking to officially develop a sequel to the film, in which Murphy played Akeem, the Prince of Zamunda, who was betrothed only to convince his father to give him 40 final days of freedom, which takes him on a journey to Queens, New York. Akeem’s true intention is to find his bride who loves him for who he is, not because he was a prince.

The film was absolutely hilarious and featured both Murphy and co-star Arsenio Hall playing multiple roles under the direction of John Landis.

Paramount has hired the film’s original screenwriters, Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield to write the new sequel and Kevin Misher will be producing. However, the plot details as of now are under wraps.

More as this develops…

H/T: Dark Horizons