It’s that time and no, we don’t mean April Fool’s. It’s time for this month’s Indie Action Spotlight!

Our Highlight Clip of the Month is a director/stunt coordinator reel of John Kreng. For those who are unfamiliar with Kreng, he is the author of one of the finest books on fight choreography today and is an actor, comedian, stunt coordinator, and fight choroegrapher. We recently took the pleasure in reviewing a film he choreographed, Paying Mr. McGetty. John also had the honor of getting his arm “broken” by a young Jet Li in the 1992 film The Master, shot on location in California.

Here are the IAS’s selected stunt reels of the month!

Finally, here are the IAS’s selected short films of the month!

That’s if for April’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you want to submit a reel or short film for May’s IAS, check out the Indie Action Spotlight Page for how you can join the IAS. Submissions for May must be submitted by May 4, 2017.