2008, CCTV-1

Lee Moon-Ki
Yu Shengli
Qian Linsen
Zhang Jianguang

Danny Chan (Bruce Lee)
Michelle Lang (Linda Emory Lee)
Ning Li (Dan Inosanto)
Tim Storms (Wally Jay)
Yannick Van Dam (Hoffman)
Ted E. Duran (Blair)
Liu Dong (Taky Kimura)
The second ten episodes of the 2008 loosely based biographical series starring Danny Chan as the martial arts legend arrive on DVD.

In America, Bruce has befriended Master Kimura, a karateka who has become Bruce’s student and Bruce soon realizes that he will be able to challenge masters of other forms of martial arts in an effort to learn techniques from them. Bruce decides to create a new form but in order to do that, the styles he has mastered will not be enough. Meanwhile, his relationship with Linda hits a bump when he is not given the approval by her mother due to his being Chinese.

However, despite the disapproval, Linda knows in her heart Bruce is for her and the two get married. Bruce reconnects with former rival Blair, who introduces him to Dan Inosanto. With both Inosanto and jujitsu master Wally Jay, Bruce trains the two and learns a thing or two from the duo to help him with the creation of his new style. When Bruce relocates to Oakland after dropping out of school, he opens a kung fu school much to the chagrin of the local masters, who oppose to Bruce training foreigners martial arts.

Many felt this 2008 series, executive produced by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon, is not exactly great with its many depictions and name changes for certain characters. After Lionsgate released a three-hour condensed version of the 50-episode series, Well Go USA has gotten the rights to the series and decided to unleash the series in a five volume set to be released sporadically. This first volume highlughts Bruce’s humble beginnings as a high school student who fights racism yet deals with his family’s anger when he unwittingly gets into the altercations.

Danny Chan once again makes the most of his role as Bruce in this second volume. He is truly the reason why to check out the series. This time around, Michelle Lang’s part gets bigger as Linda, as she deals with her mother disapproving her relationship with Bruce but clearly shows her heart in terms of her love for Bruce. Chan and Lang have a bit of decent chemistry together while fighting wise, Chan gets to take on and befriend Ning Li’s Dan Inosanto and Yannick Van Dam’s Hoffmann, who is based on Lee co-star Robert Wall.

The Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume Two brings a bit of more focus into the life of Bruce Lee in America as the start of his path to become a martial arts legend. Once again, this is definitely worth checking out solely for curiosity purposes and to see Danny Chan make the most of his role.