After the possibility of either David Sandberg or Daniel Espinosa, it now looks like Warner Bros. Pictures have found a new contender to take on the long-gesturing live-action adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo‘s groundbreaking anime Akira.

And his name is Jordan Peele. The comedian turned horror filmmaker really proved himself with his directorial debut Get Out, which has been scoring major rave amongst both critics and fans. And Warner Bros. is currently in talks with Peele and it looks like the talks are going quite well and it looks like Peele is a major contender and could be the one to take on the live action film.

In Akira, a motorcycle gang leader in a dystopian future must stop his superpowered subordinate from using his powers to unleash a deadly psychic whose name bears the title.

More as this develops…

H/T: /Film