Usually known for his work in comedies, Chapman To looks to take the serious route with a martial arts drama entitled The Empty Hands.

The teaser trailer shows lead star Stephy Tang and To himself as she walks towards the water, intercut with a fight between Tang and a kickboxer and other dramatic scenes. In the film itself, Tang will play the daughter of a karate master who wants to sell her father’s dojo after he has died but has learned that the school is now 51% owned by one of the worst students of the school.

The film co-stars Stephen Au, Dada Chen, and Yasuaki Kurata. In preparation for her role, Tang studied with Au, an actor who holds a black belt in karate, and learned both karate and Muay Thai with him. To and Au are two of the film’s action directors with Jack Wong, Billy Lui, Tommy Leung, and Ryouichi Ishijima.

Golden Scene, based in Hong Kong, picked up the international rights to the film and plan to release it later this year.

H/T: Screen Daily