Bravos Pictures has unleashed two trailers for their upcoming action films, The Brink and Paradox.

The Brink, directed by Jonathan Li, stars Max Zhang as a tough as nails policeman who tracks down fisherman who smuggle gold underwater. The film co-stars Shawn Yue, and Gordon Lam, Janice Man, and Yasuaki Kurata.

Paradox stars Louis Koo as a concerned father who travels to Thailand to find his missing daughter. Teaming up with local cops Wu Yue and Tony Jaa, they discover an organ smuggling ring. Chris Collins plays the mastermind of said ring, forcing Koo to go on the brink of rage. Wilson Yip directed the film with action choreography by legend Sammo Hung.

Look out for these two action thrillers in 2017 from Bravos Pictures.