It’s that time again and just before World Film Geek takes its annual vacation, which will be next week (with the exception of interviews and reviews that will be done ahead of time). Here is March’s Indie Action Spotlight!

Our Clip of the Month is a short film many have waited for and that is Clayton J. Barber‘s latest, Blindsided. The film stars the very talented Eric Jacobus as Walter Cooke, a blind man and apple pie connoisseur who goes to the local market for milk and apples. There, he finds good friend and storeowner Gordon (Roger Yuan) getting shaken down by some local mafia thugs. Walter shows these guys what he can be capable of! The film was co-written by Jacobus and Barber with David No (Mr. Nice Guy, The Matrix Reloaded) serving as producer with Barber.

Here are this month’s selections for Highlight Stunt Reels:

Rustic Bodomov

Chien Van Duong

Ozzy Ramirez

Caitlin Hutson

Brandon Ly

Angelo Poulis

Finally, here are this month’s selection for Short Films to Check Out


The Hunt: The Last War



The Cyber Bully


The Revenge


Check out the WFG Indie Action Spotlight Page for information on how you can join next month’s Indie Action Spotlight page. Deadline for April’s IAS will be on April 6, 2017