The Wedding Ringer (2015)



2015, Screen Gems Films/LStar Capital/Will Packer Productions

Jeremy Garelick
Adam Fields
Will Packer
Jeremy Garelick
Jay Lavender
Bradford Lipson
Jeff Groth
Shelly Westerman
Byron Wong

Kevin Hart (Jimmy Callahan)
Josh Gad (Doug Harris)
Kaley Cuoco (Gretchen Palmer)
Affion Crockett (Reggie/Drysdale)
Jorge Garcia (Lurch/Garvey)
Dan Gill (Bronstein/Dickerson)
Corey Holcomb (Otis/Alzado)
Colin Kane (Fitzgibbons/Plunkett)
Alan Ritchson (Kip/Carew)
Aaron Takahashi (Endo/Rambis)
Ken Howard (Ed Palmer)
Mimi Rogers (Lois Parker)
Cloris Leachman (Grandma Palmer)
Jenifer Lewis (Doris)
Olivia Thirlby (Alison)
Ignacio Serricchio (Edmundo)

Two top names in comedy today, the funny Kevin Hart and the voice of Frozen’s Olaf himself, Josh Gad, team up for this pretty funny comedy that ultimately gives a lesson about friendship.

Doug Harris is getting married to the girl of his dreams, Gretchen Palmer, in ten days. There is one little problem. He doesn’t have a best man or any groomsmen because of the fact he really isn’t a sociable guy. Through the wedding planner, Edmundo, Doug is secretly referred to a small company called The Best Man, Inc., where he meets Jimmy Callahan, the company’s founder and CEO.

Jimmy gets hired to pretend to be “the best man” at weddings for grooms who are not exactly sociable or worthy of having friends. Doug informs Jimmy that he not only needs a best man, but needs seven groomsmen in addition. Jimmy refers to this as the “Golden Tux” package, something that has never been done. Jimmy agrees and gets the most motley crew of groomsmen to help Doug. Things get complicated when Jimmy must pretend to be a military priest and things go from bad to worse with a series of events that ultimately will prove that there could be something more than just a job for Jimmy and something more for Doug.

There is something, or someone, that is truly becoming a major force in comedy today and his name is Kevin Hart. With his performances in Soul Plane, Think Like a Man Too, and Ride Along, along with his satire series Real Husbands of Hollywood, Hart proves to be absolutely hilarious and with his latest film, Hart once again proves his comic flair as Jimmy as not a con man, but a businessman who gets paid to act as a best man. It is clear why he decides to do just that and one can guess somewhere before it is revealed on screen.

Playing the comic foil to Hart’s smooth talking “best man” is Josh Gad, who made waves with his performance on Broadway with The Book of Mormon and won the hearts of kids everywhere with his role as the snowman Olaf in Frozen. Gad brings out some hilarious physical comedy that complements Hart’s verbal comedy quite well. He’s reminiscent of Jonah Hill in terms of trying to play the inept friend to the smooth talker.

The actors playing the groomsmen are funny in their own right as well and that helps drive the comedy factor of the film. Colin Kane is the loose cannon who is forced to pretend he is paralyzed. Affion Crockett is the most level headed of the group. Jorge Garcia of Lost fame plays the carpenter who is only agreeing to get away from his nagging wife. Another funny groomsman is Kip, a Chippendales-like guy with a major stutter, played by Alan Ritchson, who would do the motion capture for the character of Raphael in the 2014 reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Overall the movie does give a message about what can happen when two lonely guys do a job and end up forming a friendship that could make or break the whole entire plan. If you like comedy, especially that of Kevin Hart, then you definitely should check out The Wedding Ringer.



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