2017, Brightwater Media

Jon Manning
Julie Livingston
Jon Manning
Randolph Sellars
Beth Segal

Angelique DeVil (Herself)
Zora Von Pavonine (Herself)
Babs Jamboree (Herself)
Isaiah Esquire (Himself)
The Stage Door Johnnies (Themselves)
Sandria Dore’ (Herself)
Violet Ohmigod (Herself)
Russell Bruner (Himself)
Ivizia Dakini (Herself)

The world of burlesque is depicted in this documentary that delves into both the business and personal lives of its performers.

The Glitter Tribe is a burlesque show that has made major waves across the nation. But who exactly are the people behind this art that meshes eroticism, dancing, and comedy? There’s Zora von Pavonine, one of the stars featured in the film, who spends every waking minute perfecting her act and designing one-of-a-kind costumes inspired by designers Alexander McQueen and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Through her own admission, her obsession has a taken a toll on her relationship and her pocket book.

Angelique DeVil is a college graduate and a dancer by trade, who credits burlesque for allowing her to express her various “personalities” – thus making her alive! Isaiah Esquire, is often referred to as “Glamazon,” confesses that dance has transformed him from a shy, stuttering teenager who suffered from body image issues to a confident performer, dancer, and teacher. There’s a trio known as the Stage Door Johnnies and Russell Bruner as well, who won the “King of Burlesque” title in 2012.

The art of burlesque dancing is one that many may consider as a form of erotic dancing and yes, in a way it has that notion. However, this documentary, which depicts the Glitter Tribe troupe, will make viewers see that it is not just dancing, but meshes comedy and brings in an old school-new school blending that makes this dance a true art form.

Even the more fascinating is that for the most part, the dancers depicted in the film are pretty much ordinary folks outside of their business. While most of them are known by their stage names, the fact that they live ordinary lives may bring a sense of respect as to why they perform in burlesque. One such figure, Isaiah Esquire found dancing as a way to boost his confidence due to his being at 13 years old already tall and overweight, and Angelique DeVil, who is a college graduate who longs to not always be ordinary, but extraordinary and she allows burlesque to bring that side out of her. Zora Von Pavonine allows her visions of fashion to be brought on to the stage and even performs on stage. While it has been known to take its toll on her personal life, her partner still respects her love for this art.

In conclusion, Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe may make you have respect for this art form and the people who work hard to bring it to fans all over the nation. If you are curious about this art and seeing its true meaning, then it may be worth checking this documentary film out.


Xlrator Media will be releasing this film on March 3 in select theaters followed by an iTunes and VOD release on March 7.