Nachmanoff to Direct Chan’s “Bullet”

Jackie Chan‘s upcoming film Five Against a Bullet has a new director who will replace the now very busy Joe Carnahan.

Jeffrey Nachmanoff (left) has signed on to direct the upcoming action film, which will feature Chan as one of five bodyguards hired to protect a Mexican politician after his son is murdered by a vicious drug cartel. Carnahan, while no longer directing the film, still has the writing credit for the film.

Carnahan has been very busy prepping the long awaited remake of The Raid and even has Bad Boys for Life still on the way. Even more so, Carnahan has been hired to write the X-Force movie for Fox.

Matt Corman and Chris Ord are currently at work on re-writes to Carnahan’s original script with Nachmanoff supervising. Chan not only stars in the film, but is serving as a producer under his Sparkle Role Media company with Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Jordan Schur.

More as this develops.

H/T: Variety


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