Jackie Chan Stunt Team Celebrates 40 Years in Industry with Surprise

Two weeks ago, Hong Kong action legend Jackie Chan got the surprise of a lifetime.

On a show called The Negotiator, hosted by Eric Tsang, Chan was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the formation of his world renowned Jackie Chan Stunt Team. He brought the current members of his team. Tsang showed Chan a video of interviews from past members of his stunt team, which started with Chan, Wong Yao, and Peng Kang in 1977.

Interviewees include past members brothers Benny and Rocky Lai, Chris Lee, Yamson Domingo, Mars, Johnny Cheung, and others. However, that was just the beginning.

After the video, Chan began to talk briefly about the history of the team but the real surprise came when past members snuck on the stage to join the current team members. When Chan finally saw the generations of team members, he cried in happiness. The idea was brought by Stanley Tong and current JC Stunt Team co-leader Wu Gang, who planned the idea months in advance.

Two past members of the stunt team, Hon Chun and Fung Hark-On, passed away in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

World Film Geek wishes a 40th Anniversary to the Jackie Chan Stunt Team!

H/T: Super Chan’s Jackie Chan Blog


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