February’s Indie Action Spotlight

It’s that time of the month! Here is February’s Indie Action Spotlight, and this month, we’re kicking in high gear!

This month’s IAS Highlight Clip revolves around a tribute to Indie Action Stars created by Tarek Arehal. This special feature, set to the tune of the theme song from Jackie Chan‘s Thunderbolt, features indie stars such as the LBP Stunts Chicago Team, Eric Jacobus, Tim Man, Dennis Ruel, Andy Long and others who have wowed their fans!

Stunt Reel Picks of the Month

Hannah Betts

Adam Chase

Alena Dawn

Jerome Gaspard

Lora Hakanson

Peter Jang

Tranh An Nguyen

Cody Robinson

Shayan Safar

Short Film Picks of the Month

Action Mafia, Ashwin Chand Productions

Bad Cop, Bad Cop, WarTorn Productions

Bleed Out, Patriot Films

A Day in Crime, DA Interaction Films

K.O. 2.5, EK Cup Oxygen/Lucknow

That wraps up this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you want to submit a stunt reel or short action film you have worked on, go to our Indie Action Spotlight page for information. All submissions and picks for March’s IAS will be due on March 2, 2017.

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