A Tribute to Miguel Ferrer (1955-2017)


Sad news has rocked Hollywood with the passing of television and film actor Miguel Ferrer, who passed away on Thursday at age 61 after a battle with cancer.

Ferrer was known on the big screen as Bob Morton, whose character turned Alex Murphy into RoboCop in 1987 and the hilarious role of Commander Harbringer in Hot Shots! Part Deux. The latter gives him a play on a great slogan for the NBA (“War. It’s Fantastic”). On the small screen, his most prominent role came as Asst. Director Owen Grainger for seven seasons on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Miguel Jose Ferrer was born on February 7, 1955 in Santa Monica, California. His father was renowned actor Jose Ferrer and his mother was the legendary Rosemary Clooney. Both acting and music was in Ferrer’s blood as he got his start in both through good friend Bill Mumy of Lost in Space. Ferrer got his start doing TV series before transitioning to films with roles in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and The Man Who Wasn’t There.

His breakout role as Bob Morton in the original RoboCop led Ferrer to a career playing somewhat charismatic villains on screen. However, he has had his share of against-type roles such as Hot Shots! Park Deux and even had lead roles in films such as The Night Flier and Harvest.

However, despite his career in films, television was Ferrer’s true calling. He would star in three primetime series simultaneously in the early 1990’s, Shannon’s DealBroken Badges, and Twin Peaks. Aside from being in front of the cameras, Ferrer also was a noted voice actor, voicing the main antagonist in Disney’s Mulan, the Weather Wizard in one episode of in Superman: The Animated Series, and Aquaman in another episode.

One of Ferrer’s final roles will be a reprisal of his character, Albert Rosenfeld in David Lynch’s upcoming return of Twin Peaks.

Ferrer is survived by second wife Lori and children Lukas, Rafael, and Jose Robert Dornan; along with siblings Maria, Monsita, and Gabriel.

World Film Geek sends its condolences to the family of Miguel Ferrer. As a final tribute, to being a little joy to that he brought, he’s the one-liner Ferrer brings in the comedy Hot Shots! Part Deux, courtesy of YouTube user PAINTANK

Rest in Peace, Miguel Ferrer.


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