Hong Kong-based Pegasus Motion Pictures unveiled a new promotional trailer for some of their productions coming this year.

Some of the new promotional films feature the first footage of a new action thriller from critically acclaimed director Fruit Chan, titled The Man from Kowloon, which will star Max Zhang and UFC fighter Anderson Silva in his Hong Kong debut. There are also three sequels set to go into production and release this year: L Storm (the third installment that began with Z Storm and followed by the recently released S Storm), Bounty Hunters 2, and perhaps the one everyone is waiting for: Ip Man 4, which brings Donnie Yen back to his iconic role of Wing Chun grandmaster Ip (Yip) Man. There will also be an Ip Man spinoff film with Max Zhang’s character from Ip Man 3, Wing Chun expert Cheung Tin-Chi, taking center stage.

Other films were also highlighted include the horror film Old House (translated title), and the drama Tomorrow is Another Day.

Check out the promotion trailer and look out for these upcoming Pegasus Films this year!

H/T: City on Fire