Wrestling Comedy Goes “In the Ring”

A wrestling movie written by actual pro wrestlers is in the works and will feature former  WWE and TNA wrestlers Kurt Angle and Tommy Dreamer in the lead roles.

In the Ring is a comedy that is currently in the works and was written by Tony Lee along with currently wrestling superstars Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian.

The film will revolve around a group of misfit wrestlers led by Sledgehammer Sullivan, to be played by Angle, who take on both a multinational corporation and a rival “extreme” promotion led by Matt Manson, played by Dreamer, who compete in a winner takes all pay=per-view event to get a TV contract.

Many wrestling stars have already signed to join the film including Mickie James-Aldis, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Ken Anderson, Jay Lethal, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Nick “Magnus” Aldis, and announcer Kevin Kelly to name a few. There are more who are being approached to join the cast of the film. UK-based Boxfly Pictures will be making the film.

More as this develops…


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