“Cars 3” Newbies Revealed

If you saw the teaser trailer to Cars 3, the long awaited latest installment in Disney/Pixar’s series, you saw our hero Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, crash as age has begun to catch up to him. Entertainment Weekly has revealed who Lightning’s new rival on the track will be.

A new arrogant youngster has now entered the racing world and his name is Jackson Storm. While Lightning comes from an old-school approach, Storm is the latest in technological advancements in automobiles, thus giving him a major advantage over the legendary McQueen. Armie Hammer will be voicing this new nemesis.


However, Lightning will prove that “lightning” (pun intended) can strike a third time when he finds a new mentor in a lifelong fan of his. The new coach is a female named Cruz Ramirez and she will be voiced by stand-up comic and actress Cristela Alonzo. Cruz will have to prove that you can teach an old car new tricks.

Look out for Cars 3 on June 16, 2017 from Disney and Pixar.


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