It’s that time everyone…it’s the final Indie Action Spotlight for 2016! This month, we have one highlight clip, a group of short reels, and some short films for you to enjoy the world of independent action. So enjoy the final IAS for the year 2016!

Our highlight clip of the month comes from the gang at LBP Stunts Chicago. They have revealed a pre-viz fight involving zombies! In these fight concept clips, we seen the likes of Johnny Yang, Brendon Huor, Jimmy Chhiu, Bryan Sloyer, Jerry Quill, Nicholas J. Verdi, and Vonzell Carter strut their stuff against the living dead. The previz was shot, edited, and choreographed by Emmanuel Manzanares.

Check out this month’s stunt reel picks for you to enjoy!

Irmingard Mayer

Erika Keck

Caine Sinclair

Ari Loeb

Leo Kei Angelos

Erika Frase

Ricky Barksdale

To wrap up this month’s and this year’s final Indie Action Spotlight, here are the short film picks for you to enjoy! Director’s Names are in parentheses.

Hunt for Hiroshi (Sam Gosper)

Contract (Lesten Gonsalves)

Mikael Grohn: A Shadow Trail (Tony Cole)

The Package (Dylan King)

Regret (Max Paterson)

Meta (Ricardo E. Segarra)

Unlisted (Jacob Piller)

Torn (Alistair Quak)

Shift (Matthew Cheung)

Code X (Liam Harris)

If you want to submit a stunt reel, film, or highlight clip, go to the WFG-IAS page for information on how to do it! WFG looks forward to bringing more indie action in 2017!