“Warrior” Helmer to Tackle the “Hornet”


Van Williams and Bruce Lee in the 1966 adaptation of The Green Hornet

It looks as if the vigilante character of The Green Hornet and his martial arts fighting sidekick Kato will be returning but in a new more serious-tone as opposed to the 2011 action-comedy film that was written by and starred Seth Rogen and Jay Chou.

Of course, the most famous adaptation of the original 1930’s radio story, created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker, was that of the 1966 one-season adaptation that aired on ABC. Van Williams played the Green Hornet with the legendary Bruce Lee playing his butler/sidekick Kato. While the show lasted only one season, it does have its legacy.

It is now announced that Warrior helmer Gavin O’Connor will be producing and directing a reboot of the character. However, unlike Rogen’s comic wit being added to the mix, O’Connor is planning to have a more edgier take on the character. In other words, we are going to see some serious butt kicking this time around.

Sean O’Keefe has been hired to write the screenplay for the new version for Paramount Pictures and Chernin Entertainment, which gained the rights of the character.

More on this as it develops, but now the questions that will be asked are, “Who will play the Green Hornet” and “Who will be Kato”?

H/T: Dark Horizons


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