Stahelski to Co-Helm “Triple Threat”

At the recent American Film Market, major news amongst action fans has sent shock waves with the formerly titled Makeshift Squad, now called Triple Threat.

The film’s titular triple threat will be played by three renowned Asian action stars. They are Tiger Chen (right), who starred in Keanu Reeves‘ directorial debut Man of Tai ChiTony Jaa (center), the Thai action star who unleashed his skills in the Ong-Bak trilogy and is making waves in both Hong Kong and Hollywood; and finally Iko Uwais, the Indonesian silat expert who broke through with his action saga The Raid and its superior sequel.

The major news comes in the form of directing. Originally, Gary Mak was set to direct the film, but it has been announced that now, the film will be directed by the duo of Wang Xiaole and Chad Stahelski. The latter is best known for his work on The Matrix series as Reeves’ stunt double and directing Reeves in both John Wick and its soon to be released sequel, John Wick Chapter 2. Stahelski is also serving as action director of the film.

The film’s plot involves a Chinese martial artist who travels to Mexico to rescue his ex-wife and son from a deadly drug cartel.

More as this develops!




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