There had been rumors running rampant of a possible remake of the classic horror comedy An American Werewolf in London, which would have involved Max Landis writing and possibly directing. Landis denied the rumor, but as a birthday gift to his father, original AWIL writer-director John Landis, Landis took to YouTube to do a hilarious recreation of the famous werewolf transformation sequence (see below)

Now, it has been announced that a remake is going ahead with John Landis and Anthony Waller (the director of the 1997 sequel An American Werewolf in Paris) successfully making a deal with Universal Pictures for the rights. Max Landis is now making the deal to write the remake and direct the film as well. His father will serve as an executive producer. His best known script is that of the teen superhero drama Chronicle.

More as this news develops and let’s hope they go the classic route of Rick Baker’s style of transformation in this one!

H/T: Deadline