It’s that time everyone…it’s November’s Indie Action Spotlight! And this month, we have not one, not two, but a whopping eight highlight clips along with short films and stunt reels, showcasing who to look out for in the world of independent action cinema!

Our first highlight clip of November comes from Bryan Sloyer, who starred in last month’s highlight clip of a fight practice clip between himself and Micah Karns from director and choreographer Emmanuel Manzanares. This month, Sloyer himself took the reigns of director and fight choreographer of a fight practice clip between Hayley Wright and Nick Krawlec.

That’s right! Bryan Sloyer proves lightning strikes twice with our second highlight clip, which launches Monica Lopez in a small fight against Jay Kwon with Sloyer once again handling directing and choreographing duties.

Our third and fourth highlight clips are connected pre-viz fights from a project called Project A. No, this is not the Jackie Chan film of 1983. These fight clips come from the mind of Vlad Rimburg and features some top talents including Shawn Bernal,Vonzell CarterAmy JohnstonBrendon HuorDennis Ruel, Jerry QuillSam Puefua, and Bryan Sloyer. Rimburg and Emmanuel Manzanares collaborated on these pre-viz fights and they look quite fun!

Vlad Rimburg does it again! In our fifth highlight clip, Countdown, he stages a fight between Anisha Gibbs and Gui DaSilva, the latter who doubled for Chadwick Boseman‘s Black Panther character in Captain America: Civil War.

The Action 88 Stunts Team pay homage to the 1987 Hong Kong hit film Dragons Forever and adds a bit of a comical twist in our sixth highlight clip.

Our seventh and final highlight clips go to the amazing Eric Jacobus, whose been unleashing his series of real-life video game moves, this time capturing the essence of Dead or Alive 5 with perfectly emulating the characters of Taekwondo stylist Rig and Sambo expert Bayman.

Our highlight stunt reels this month go out to the following: Amy SturdivantChuck JohnsonCassandra EbnerKatie Eischen, and Jake Teel

Finally, we have our highlight short films to end this month’s Indie Action Spotlight.

Operation DC (Swapnil N. Kulkarni)

Preman (Dedie Dhydot)

The Ultimatum (Then Jing Hong and Jonathan Cheong)

Divided (Luka Vukorepa)

The Life Gamble (Peter Janov)

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