Will Yun Lee is gearing up for his biggest role yet in an upcoming adaptation of a 2012 novel.

Lee is set to star and produce in Hatchet Men, based on the novel by Richard H. Dillon. The story is set in San Francisco’s Chinatown, where a battle ensued between many local Chinese gangs in the early 20th Century. Lee will play Little Pete, the leader of one of the gangs involved in a very bloody war in the Bay Area.

Lee is not only an actor, but he is a martial artist as well, trained since childhood in Tae Kwon Do. With his role as a hatchet wielding gangster, there is hope we get to see Lee unleash some of those awesome skills.

The film is still in development with Michael Thomas and Morgan Duncan working on the script. More as this develops.

H/T: Film Combat Syndicate