The vampires could be facing their toughest challenge when they start invading East Los Angeles. That is, if you help out with the Kickstarter fund for the new indie horror film Cholos vs. Vampires.

That’s what filmmakers Hector Barron and Scott Hahn are intending to create, a new film that will pit the Cholos of East L.A. against the vampires with homage to the classic “man in a suit” horror movie genre. Beginning with some Youtube videos, the proposed film is getting support from Corey Feldman and Zack Braff. Award-winning composer Conrad Pope will be scoring the film. However, everyone also needs your help in making this film happen…something fresh and different!

So how can you help? Go to the Cholos vs. Vampire Kickstarter Fund Site. If you donate $30, you will be guaranteed a screen credit in the film! Hahn and Barron hope to have this film begin production next year. The deadline for the donations is November 11, 2016. Check out these Youtube videos for more on the film:

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