Alden Ehrenreich‘s young Han Solo has found his cohort Lando Calrissian…

Donald Glover has signed on to play the future administrator of Cloud City. The role was originated by Billy Dee Williams in The Empire Strikes Back as a traitor whose actions result in Han Solo being cryogenically frozen until Lando, realizing what he had done, makes up for his actions by assisting the Rebels against the Empire in Return of the Jedi. In the prequel, he will appear as a troublemaker trying to make his way through the galaxy’s underworld.

Directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had this to say about casting Glover:

“We’re so lucky to have an artist as talented as Donald join us. These are big shoes to fill, and an even bigger cape, and this one fits him perfectly, which will save us money on alterations. Also, we’d like to publicly apologize to Donald for ruining Comic-Con for him forever.” .

Glover was long rumored to play Miles Morales in an upcoming Spider-Man film only to learn he will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming opposite Tom Holland as the 15-year old Peter Parker, who in the film, already had gained his powers as Spider-Man.

The untitled Han Solo prequel story is set for a 2018 release date.

H/T: Dark Horizons